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• Is this website secure?

You may be new to ordering via the Internet and you may be concerned about Internet privacy. We give you our assurance that you have nothing to be concerned about when ordering from our website.

Our website has security measures in place to protect all information given to us. We have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to the area that asks you to input information such as your name, credit card number, etc.

• Is my credit card information secure when I order from the website?

Your details are safe with us! We are PCI compliant.

• Can I order from this website if my cookies are disabled?

We promise, these cookies are a good thing. We use cookies to track your needs and wants on our site so you may not be able to purchase if your cookies are disabled.

• What browser works best with our website?

We want to make sure you can browse as much as your heart desires, so the most recent versions of the following browsers are supported by our website: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

• Why are images not displaying on your website?

You may have to clear your cache. If viewing issues persist, we may have some updates being made to the site. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The privacy and security information we collect about you on the website, as well as information collected when you communicate or interact with Amanda Blu will be safe and secure. Thank you for visiting!